The Tim Laskis Show: Entrepreneurs, Athletes and Entertainers

Listen as Tim digs deep into the mind's of his guests for nuggets of wisdom. He interviews go getters from a wide range of industries including business, professional sports and entertainment that discuss what it takes to be successful. Check out these great interviews: Episode 071: Mitch Russo (Millionare and former CEO for Tony Robbins and business partner with Chet Holmes and Shark Tank star, Kevin Harrington. Episode 060: Zach Osborne (2017 Supercross and Motocross Champion), Episodes 082 & 083: Micky Dymond (1986 & 1987 Motocross Champion), Episodes 045 & 046: Michael Talbott (Miami Vice star, AKA Detictive Switek), Episode 014: Robinn Lange (Former Entertainment Agent for Michael Jordan and The Beach Boys), Episode 053: Zach Benson (Entrepreneur, Television Dancer and YouTube Star), Episode 004: George Young (Star of Discovery Channel's hit show, "Bering Sea Gold").
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The Tim Laskis Show: Entrepreneurs, Athletes and Entertainers


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Apr 28, 2017

Amber Hurdle is a brand strategist, leadership consultant and host of the popular “Bombshell Business Podcast.”  She provides her clients with premium brand experiences for their customers. Some of her clients have included FedEx Ground, Deloitte, AT&T, Marriott and Renaissance Hotels. Contact Amber at

Apr 26, 2017

Daniel Gefen is an entrepreneur starting multiple companies from scratch. This includes Jet Answering Service, Jet Virtual Offices and Jet Offices.He is also the host of “Can I Pick Your Brain Podcast,” a business mentor, speaker, writer and co-operator of “Get Featured,” which is a guesting company for those who want to get booked on the hottest shows out there. You can find out more by visiting or


Apr 24, 2017

Gary Semics is a legend in the sport of motocross. He turned pro at age 16 and by age 18 he was a factory rider. He has ridden for several factory racing teams including Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Can-Am, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. In 1974, he won the 500cc Supercross Championship title while riding for Husqvarna. He also represented Team USA at the 1977 Motocross and Trophy Des Nations in France and Holland. In 1982 he raced the 500cc World Championship Grand Prix.  After he retired as a racer, he was hired by several factory teams to train their up and coming stars. Gary has worked with Jeremy McGrath, Kevin Windham, Ryan Villopoto, John Dowd, Ezra Lusk, Mike Brown, Broc Hepler, Stephane Roncada, Brock Sellards, Steve Lamson, Ernesto Fonseca, Brian Swink and Kyle Lewis. Today, Gary has a very successful technique training program where he works with up and coming riders. He offers a variety of DVD’s, in person training and a certification program for riding coaches. He has GSMXS Certified MX instructors around the world. Order his technique DVD’s, become a certified GSMXS coach and/or contact him at

Apr 21, 2017

CEO of Heavenwood Worldwide and Chief Sexy Boss, Heather Havenwood brings incredible value to the show. In 2006 she started an online information marketing publishing company from ground zero and reached over $1 million in sales in less than 12 months. She also found herself bankrupt and on the streets before building her empire again. We talk about sex, drugs, guns, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Miami Vice and Spring Break in Daytona Beach, Florida back when MTV ruled​.

...Oh yeah, we also discussed valuable business information for entrepreneurs. This fellow generation X guest is fun and full of stories and tips. Grab a comfy chair and a cold drink because you will enjoy this episode. Be sure to visit Heather at

Apr 19, 2017

Pauline Stockhausen has over 20 years experience online as a networker and business woman. She has helped many clients build their social media profile. Her specialities are marketing, advertising, social media strategy, community builder and design.  She has even launched her own online magazine called "Story Line". In this episode she shares her best social media tricks and tips. One interesting fact about Pauline is that she decided to downsize and move into a tiny house in the countryside of New Zealand. Listen as she shares how liberating this move has been. Be sure to visit her online at

Apr 17, 2017
The best day of Ryan Biddulph's life was when he was fired from his miserable job in Newark, New Jersey.That was the catalyst that set him free and forced him to create the life of his dreams. Ryan tells you how to be a professional blogger and live your dream life on a tropical island. He has traveled the world for over 5 years and continues to live his dream life today.  He has been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Pro Blogger and Blogging He has lived in Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Cyprus, Turkey, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Fiji and Peru. Visit his website at
Apr 14, 2017

Sasha Langhonh has 15 years experience in the commercial and spiritual realm working with private and corporate clients. She is a speaker, life strategy coach, business coach and frequent guest on AM/FM radio and online media.She has a MBA and specializes in organizational and human behavior. She is also the host of multiple podcast shows including Sasha Talks and Moving Mountains with Sasha.Be sure to visit her at

Apr 12, 2017

Alex Hofeldt is a teacher, coach, deep thinker and host of Beautiful Dust Specks Podcast on iTunes. Listen as we discuss a ton of cool topics including whether Sasquatch is a real creature living in the woods. Be sure to tune into this show and visit Alex at

Apr 10, 2017

Brett trains and coaches professionals at fortune 1000 companies globally. He is also a writer and host of "Where There's Smoke" podcast on iTunes. He has launched 2 multimillion dollar companies and has studied with some of the world's leading self-development teachers. He has visited over 40 countries, released an album and even appeared in a stage musical. He is a true renaissance man. Visit him at

Apr 7, 2017

Cassie Parks said goodbye to her miserable corporate job and created a successful company on her own. Her highlights include retiring at age 32, being a 7x best-selling author and creating the Manifest $10k course which has currently served more than 1500 plus in 26 countries. Her most current book, Manifest $10,000 is now available on Amazon. Visit her at

Apr 5, 2017

Jen Gilchrist went from a struggling mom to a 6-figure business owner making money doing what she loves. She also enjoys empowering others to do the same. She guides her clients into practical and actionable steps to create thriving purpose driven businesses that aligns to their unique soul's purpose. Visit her at

Apr 3, 2017

Jamie Newman has experienced his share of success and failure as a manager.  He attributes his success to his investment in himself. He went out and invested in a variety of personal and professional programs that lead to his team achieving $1 million in gross profit. Jamie now offers one-on-one coaching, manager programs, business consulting and speaking engagements. He is the host of"Your Best Manager" on iTunes and you can visit him at